Love at First Browse / Venerus


We periodically ask a special guest to share with us the three magazines that have meant the most to him. This time is the turn of Venerus, music artist.

"I remember that at the beginning of December 2019, while I was beginning to devote myself to “Magica Musica”, I retired to a sort of barn near Mantova for 5 days... The idea was to recreate a room of thoughts from which I could draw for the writing of my work. I brought my computer, speakers, a keyboard, and about thirty magazines which I scattered on every free surface of my space. I've always had an in-depth dialogue with images, I've always done research, even before I knew I was doing it. The first two magazines, which I had there with me, have been part of my path for some time now:

#1 / Rvm

“Rvm is an Italian photography magazine with great care both in content and in the editorial part. It is an object rich in aesthetics: I love how it makes itself completely at the service of the content by changing the printing techniques and the chromatic structure at each issue. It is very pleasant to browse and consult for me as I am always looking for points and ideas of light, hidden thoughts, unexpected landscapes of the mind.”

#2 / area revue

“I only have one issue of this French art magazine (no.4 Mars 2003) but I have it very dear to my heart. It was given to me by a gallery owner in Paris in 2016. I was very fascinated by the special on Leigh Bowery, a figure that in those years I was beginning to study. I have always felt French around me and dabbled it a little, but I cannot say that I know precisely the texts contained in the magazine. Perhaps the fact that it was given to me, immediately made it an object dear to me. I have never found other issues of this magazine, perhaps I have never actively searched for it… I consider it as a book that I periodically consult by finding new things that I had previously missed.”

#3 / Buscadero

“The third magazine I want to talk about is a monthly music magazine that has nothing to do with my aesthetic research in recent years, but which I have in front of my eyes for as long as I can remember. It is the magazine that my father has been collecting since 1987 and has every issue. It is a specialized magazine dealing mainly with international music, in particular folk, country, blues, rock and affiliates genres. For me it was a reference to what was happening musically in the world even if it was obviously from a generation previous to mine… I have always dreamed of ending up on it for the joy of my father even if probably what I do is not really the subject of their research. "