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Love at First Browse / Luca Pitoni


Each week a special guest will share with us the three magazines that have meant the most to him.

This week is the turn of Luca Pitoni, graphic designer, journalist and founder of TOMO TOMO.

#1 / Marcatrè

“How not to fall in love with perfection. It is enough to list some of the names of the executive committee to understand: Gillo Dorfles, Edoardo Sanguineti, Umberto Eco, Paolo Portoghesi, Vittorio Gregotti, Sylvano Bussotti. With the experimental graphics by Magdalo Mussio. Transdisciplinary, startles.”

#2 / Works That Work

“Designer Jasper Morrison would say that WTK is a "supernormal" magazine, that is the quintessence of the very idea of a magazine. Simple by choice, because its contents are infinitely versatile and powerful, a Swiss army knife to stimulate curiosity. Design in the true sense of the word.”

#3 / mono.kultur

“15x21cm, 5 euros. Small and cheap, but a truly rare gem. For more than ten years, an interview for each issue and a different graphic project associated with the protagonist of the issue, have allowed this Berlin magazine to create a catalog of the contemporary, with a refined taste poised between the most diverse disciplines.”


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