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Love at First Browse / Bruno Ceschel


Each week a special guest will share with us the three magazines that have meant the most to him.

This week is the turn of Bruno Ceschel, founder of Self Publish, Be Happy.

#1 / Diario

“Journalist Enrico Deaglio’s first weekly, then monthly magazine was the Italian take of two American magazines I love, The New Yorker and Harper’s. I used to read Diario voraciously from cover to cover and it was extremely influential in shaping my political views as a young adult during Berlusconi's reign of the 90s.”

#2 / Village

“Maverick Vittorio Corona started a short lived magazine in the mid 90s called Village. I was a teenager then and I had never seen anything like it before. The design was so idiosyncratic and cool, so was the commissioned photography. And each issue came with a VHS! Corona then went on pushing even further this provocative visual language with the newspaper La Voce di Indro Montanelli. Village was methorite in the Italian publishing history but very fundamental in my understanding of the mixture of pop and art.”

#3 / BUTT

“This magazine, created by wonderboys Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom (who then founded Gentlewoman and Fantastic Man), was sexy, irreverent, smart and beautifully designed. In the long tradition of the underground zine, the pink periodical created an international community of gay men around itself. Testimony of that was one of the best parties of my life was organised by BUTT on a boat sailing the River Thames with a DJ set by Wolfgang Tillmas sometime in the naughties.”


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