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Yogurt / Bad Taste


The Yogurt’s flavours are a biannual publication by Yogurt Magazine



[…] Bad Taste flavour is a metalinguistic provocation.


This issue aims at being an overture of aesthetic spites, a celebration of kitsch and the grotesque. It aims at putting a cynical focus on the sleaziness, bad habits, excesses and disturbing anomalies of a hypertrophic, nauseated and, at times, nauseating society.

In mapping the bad taste, it tries not to impose any ethical filter to the submitted works, all the more reason in such a hypercritical contemporary context, where the application of mass morals, often arbitrary, reminds more of a guillotine in a town square rather than the do-gooding and moderate reprimand of a “good family man”.


Through this Yogurt flavour, we hope to carry out an exorcism, where the aesthetics of bad taste, in its sophistication, become more acceptable or, why not, necessary. […]