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YES & NO magazine - issue 03:03 - Reading Room


YES & NO / 03:03

€ 38,00Prezzo

Star Child features a Cover Story on the pioneering photographic work of Lennart Nilsson depicting human life before brith. The edition also features artists such as Åsa Johannesson, Tom Sachs, Andrew Grassie, Joseph Beuys, John Stezaker, Anne Hardy, and Piero Golia, who occupies the Artist Centrefold, a hallmark of the magazine.




YES & NO is spearheading the new wave of magazine publishing. An independent magazine for discening people with open, curious, and inquisitive minds. YES & NO doesn't tell its readers how to think. It's a magazine that simply invites people to enter into an open dialogue with a view to nourish the imagination and expand ideas

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