Wonderland Magazine - Issue 16 - Reading Room


Wonderland / 16


“There must be darkness in order for light to have meaning. All pain is porous, like a decrepit ceiling with holes that let little manicured lazer beams of sunlight in. I like to think those sunbeams are the joy and if you roll around on the floor enough maybe you can shower in it.“


In his prodigious sophomore album græ, Moses Sumney states: “I insist upon my right to be multiple”. As both a personal

meditation or public rebellion, it feels like a reclamation of the nuance of human existence in a world quick to reduce us to neat labels, an idea he explores further in an essay titled ’New Growth’ for our Winter issue. Introduced by Michaela Coel, Sumney reflects on the duality of dark and light, good and bad, growth and loss that he’s experienced this year, and the importance of looking beyond binaries to face both.


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