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Whetstone Magazine - Issue 7 - Reading Room


Whetstone / 7

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Say Hello to Whetstone Magazine Volume 7 in which we are treated to a gorgeous photo essay on Japanese buckwheat, two indigenous preservation stories from land (in Hidalgo, Mexico) and sea (Sitka, Alaska), as seen on our front and back covers by Emiliano Ruprah and Bethany Goodrich respectively. We are introduced to carob, an unheralded Mediterranean bean pod akin to vanilla or tamarind. On the subject of pods, we are treated to an illustrated story on Chocolate tea in Jamaica. We are summoned to (re)consider the oyster in Taiwan, and in Mumbai, we are introduced to bombil or “Bombay Duck” by another name. There’s much more to share, but we’ll stop here to leave some to your imagination and discovery.




Since  2016 Whetstone has used food  as a means of better understanding  humans and the world. To date we’ve worked with a team of global creatives representing over a 80 countries. We believe that diversity isn’t just noteworthy, it’s what makes our work so essential. 


When the gatekeepers are diverse, so too are the stories, its tellers and their experiences. This diversity accelerates our collective knowledge and empathy. Whetstone is unequivocally and gratefully a better company because of it. 

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