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whatevr - issue 11 - readingroom


Whatevr Fanzine / 11

€ 21,00Prezzo

Issue 11, Whatevr Fanzine delves into the theme « POLY, » unfolding over 240 pages of rich, diverse narratives and visual expressions. This edition explores the complexity of modern identities and the myriad ways we connect with the world around us. Through the contributions of celebrated artists like Kenny Dunkan & Anna Pogossova « POLY » captures the vibrant intersection of culture, art, and individual expression.





Whatevr was created by a dynamic group of creative people in the fields of graphics, fashion and photography. This large-format magazine asks unusual, sometimes insolent questions about topics in today's society. And at the end of the day, only one answer seems to prevail: "never mind" or rather "whatever!".

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