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Whatevr Fanzine magazine - issue 10 - Reading Room


Whatevr Fanzine / 10


In this issue 10, Whatevr returns to the basics and explores the 5 senses. This connection with the outside world allows us to perceive and interpret, to inform ourselves, and to feel. What other theme could lend itself so well to this need for exploration shared by artists and contributors from all walks of life? Open your eyes wide – and more – and discover proposals as vibrant and diverse as possible to awaken the senses and curiosity...

Vinyl inside by Alina Valentina





Whatevr was created by a dynamic group of creative people in the fields of graphics, fashion and photography. This large-format magazine asks unusual, sometimes insolent questions about topics in today's society. And at the end of the day, only one answer seems to prevail: "never mind" or rather "whatever!".

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