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VS magazine - issue 0.0 - Reading Room


VS #00

€ 20,00Prezzo

"VS #00 (The Party Organ of Nico Vascellari Studio) is the first issue of Nico Vascellari Studio’s own publication, produced and distributed by Codalunga, designed to report on the Studio’s references and activities, of what it produces and brings together every day, encouraging the public to be part of its research. The format and contents of each issue vary according to the projects the Studio carries out over a given period of time. This issue collects archive materials, references encountered throughout the making of artistic projects, texts collected between January and June 2023, in preparation for the exhibition MELMA by Nico Vascellari in Florence.


VS #00 consists of three pieces: a major corpus (44 pages, 31,5 x 30 cm) including an editorial by Nico Vascellari, a recipe by Cibo Supersonico, a reprint of Ulysses Speaks by Nation of Ulysses; a pamphlet (8 pages, 31,5 x 30 cm) printed on translucent paper including a text by Eugene Thacker; a double-sided A2 poster. The three pieces are bound by an LP paper sleeve, serving as the cover of the edition, and inserted in a clear plastic protective sleeve. Each cover is unique, as it features an ever-different thermal sticker and hand-stamped designs.

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