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Volume! / 16:1


Volume! / 16:1

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This issue examines some of the practices in which music and hacking meet. At first closely related to the development of American computer science research laboratories, hacking has since spread across various fields of human activity not necessarily related to information and communications technology. Hence, music provides both a theoretical and empirical space within which one can question hacking’s attributes, and delineate their aesthetic and organolologic effects, but also their integration into musicians’ discourses, or the way these musicans create musical communities and belong to them.




The French journal of popular music studies

Volume ! La Revue des Musiques Populaires is a biannual peer-reviewed journal, founded in 2002 by Samuel Etienne, Gérôme Guibert and Marie-Pierre Bonniol. The journal offers an autonomous space to researchers wishing to develop specific research devoted to the multidisciplinary study of popular music, by combining French methodological and theoretical contributions (musicology, ethnomusicology, sociology of culture, cultural history, etc.) with those of " cultural” and “popular music studies”.

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