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Vivo magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room

Vivo / 1

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The first issue of Vivo puts us in front of the book as an object, something so familiar and present in our lives that it seems almost useless to talk about it, yet with their presence they manage to create a sort of universal anthropology.

Contributors: Aaron Obedkoff, Alessandro Furchino Capria, Bianca Felicori, Clive Phillpot, Giovanni Coppola, Greta Sugar, Lars Brønseth, La Tipografica Varese, Luca Pascali, Marina Luz Ferla, Mario Reis, Martino De Grandis, Maya Golyshikina, Nick Scammell, Paola Ristoldo, Patrick Stansy, Jacob Chung, Sam Wiston.




The book, in its physical form, forces us to stop, it requires physical involvement because we know how uncomfortable reading can be. The very creation of the magazine is, as the name suggests, living matter. It does not arise from an empty search for culture, but rather from a desire for humanity. A book can be a vehicle of knowledge, but also of revolution and change. Vivo wishes to use books and printed paper to observe fragments of humanity that coexist in the present, past and future. Hence the choice to cover the cover with an orange patina that can (must!) be scratched, experienced, without worrying about ruining the magazine, but rather considering every scratch as a sign of appreciation for the reading being done.

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