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Vestoj magazine - issue 11 - Reading Room


Vestoj / 11

€ 30,00Prezzo

Vestoj is a research platform and the leading public intellectual in the field of fashion. Founded in 2009, Vestoj examines people’s relationship to their clothes and fashion’s relationship to identity. Vestoj presents fashion knowledge at the highest level, emphasising inclusive and equitable dissemination to a broad and diverse audience. Vestoj expresses complex ideas in a straight-forward manner, and shows that fashion is not only about objects, but rather a mindset and approach to identity, culture and life.


Vestoj offers publishing, events, broadcasting, educational programs to academia, business and the community sector in order to create new ideas, new knowledge and new opportunities. Vestoj’s emphasis on storytelling and original thought draws on history, philosophy, sociology, and personal narrative to give a balanced take on why we wear what we wear, and its deliberate pace and style stands in considered contrast to mainstream fashion content.

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