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Urbano magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room


Urbano / 6


ITALIAN COASTS // The coasts represent a fundamental element of our peninsula, considering their extension and the functions they perform. In fact, they protect and welcome, but they can also repel and push away. Different stories, symbols and identities alternate along these territories, to be rediscovered and protected for the near future. Here, then, is the exploration of our coasts, from North to South, from the Adriatic to the Tyrrhenian Sea passing through the islands.




URBANO, the magazine of urban planning culture, was born. An incubator of ideas, cities and visions It is a new magazine dedicated to the culture of urban planning. It was born on the occasion of the centenary of Borio Mangiarotti, a real estate development company founded in Milan in 1920, which with the magazine intends to tell its story but above all to spread the values ​​in which it has always believed. Urbano's issues are in fact conceived as monographs, vertical insights into a specific subject. At the same time, transversal issues emerge from each thematic core, which are possible observation points on the urban world of today and tomorrow.

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