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  • "With the last issue of TypeNotes, we (in hindsight, rather hubristically) spoke of bucking the rule of the difficult second album. It turned out the third album—or in our case of course, issue—would be the one that would get sticky; but finally, here it is. TypeNotes #3 has been two years in the making—so expect something special. Three, after all, is the magic number.With this issue, as per its its two predecessors, we cater for everyone from the resolulelty typographically technical to the graphic design geek to the bystander with a passing interest in visual culture. In our 2019 outing, we even have something for those people who just like to have a really good time in the shape of a very different form of party photography: we devote an entire section to documenting a Friday night out in east London through the lens of its typographic touchpoints rather than gurning photo-bombers or sweaty dance floors."

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