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Undeath, in the sense of non-disappearance, is the spell cast to transform decaying matter into a solid block of gold: nothing is more worrisome, the alchemists of time interrupt its decomposition by abandoning hypotheses or questioning forms, time and space deform.

Deciding to participate in the extraction of the memory-unit from the assembly line of time (in which every brick/time-unit is due to successive experiences/facts/events we encounter) allows us to feel a very powerful electric shock, which propagates from the moment it explodes to distant points projected into the future. 

In other words, the non-death of memory is the categorical refusal to participate in the continuous birth-growth-death cycle of passing time.

 In this issue, the figures of time and memory will be examined, how these can be manipulated through play experiences and what visual and narrative qualities are conducive to traversing the surviving landscape.


How can play memory integrate with real memory to mix and create hybrid personal narratives? How does the sense of nostalgia manifest itself in the virtual world? How can it be perceived during the gaming experience?  Is there a form of melancholy for facts/places/characters that can be expressed during play?  How are they mixed and projected in the real world?  Can there be a form of transference?




Translight is an independent biannual magazine based in Europe, focusing on the interchange between game culture, contemporary art, fashion scene, modern lifestyle and free thinking. Imagine an immersive experience in which an illuminated surface divides space into two: what is physically present and what is projected, creating an opening to a virtual world. Imagine controlling this experience through a device and moving freely between different dimensions and information, transforming into hybrids of ideas. Imagine the feeling of freedom and the transcending of physical boundaries. Welcome to Translight Magazine.

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