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  • Safe yourself your personal copy of TISSUE N°666FFF. 

    After five years of a print sabbatical we are back – more than ever.

    Printed in an edition of only 666 copies worldwide, it will be released in November in Tokyo, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Kiev as well as distributed worldwide.

    Featuring contributions by the likes of Kristina Nagel, Jonathan Meese, Michèle Lamy, Wolfgang Tillmans, Adrian Crispin & Ann-Kathrin Obermeyer, Tim Bruening, Lia Ottsu, Heather Glazzard, Nika Arkhiv, Johanna Jaskowska & Rayan Nohra, Hélène Mastrandréas, Lisa Boostani, Kevin Braddock and Martin Eder

    as well as interviews/portrays with/of Christoph Schlingensief, Cecilia Bengolea, Jardin et Wutangu, Umfang, Linn Da Quebrada, Love Curly and Claire Milbrath of Editorial Magazine

    plus quintessential topics like depression, cryptomining, sauna trance, free radicals and asexuality.

    In every issue there's a free poster and oral dam inside

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