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The Soewer magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


The Soewer / 1

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Each year, TSW choses a theme in echo with current societal questions. The theme is treated at 360 degree and governs the whole magazine : its images, its writtings to its form itself. Each issue covers its theme through its past, by re-discovering fashion history and its archives, its present, by creating exclusive contents, and its future, by speculating. The Sœwer aims to promote young fashion creatives, out of school or emergent by featuring their work in fashion series, articles or interview; and by setting collaborations and discussions with more established creatives. 




The Sœwer is an annual magazine about art, fashion and beauty. Hybridization of words the sower and the sewer, the title condenses the ambition of the magazine : inspiring and supporting creativity in fashion. 

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