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The Skirt Chronicles / 7


Tina Barney / “I think the content and form are equally important. Some photos have more emphasis on form, while some have more emphasis on content.” / Interview by Christopher Niquet / Photographs courtesy of Tina Barney


Mirages / Like the unfathomable expanse of an ocean, deserts sprawl in all directions––the horizon a lonely marker of equilibrium. More often than not the third dimension slips away into weather, victim to the scorching haze of heat and the blinding squall of wind and sand. / Written by Dan Thawley / Photograph by Roe Ethridge


My Apartment Is Talking To Me / Week five of quarantine and it might as well be 2030 or 1850, as time flatlines into one giant Dali-esque melting clock. / Written and photographed by Wendy Goodman


Irié, Lily, Picasso / Photographed by Alexandre Guirkinger / Styled by Charlotte Collet / Models Lily McMenamy & Picasso


Joan Punyet Miró / The grandson of artist Joan Miró, Joan Punyet Miró runs the estate that protects his grandfather’s artworks and furthers his artistic legacy around the world. While the Miró estate is run from the seclusion of the Balearic island of Majorca, Miró is in constant conversation with the international art world. / Interview by Karl Henkell / Photographs courtesy of AHCOAC


The Skirt Chronicles was founded by Sarah de Mavaleix, Sofia Nebiolo and Haydée Touitou as a collaborative platform with the ambition of creating a community which celebrates diverse cultures and generations. It is a publication founded by women which reflects a feminine voice yet does not exclude anyone from the conversation.

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