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The Greatest magazine - issue 25 - Reading Room


The Greatest / 25


The Greatest #25 – The Nostalgia Issue


Together with several different personalities, British actor Corey Mylchreest has helped us bring The Greatest #25 to life, reflecting on the concept of ’Nostalgia’. Discover our interviews with Colm Dillane, Joseph Lawrence, David Seth & Kavi Moltz, and many more on The Greatest #25 – The Nostalgia Issue.


Among the cover stars of The Greatest #25, there’s young British actor Corey Mylchreest. For this feature, Mylchreest has retraced his journey as both a man and actor, and most importantly he’s shared with us his view on the concept of ‘Nostalgia’. When asked to talk about that one moment he feels nostalgic for, Mylchreest said: ‘You know when you’re a kid in the playground, there’s like 50 of you, and you’re all playing Harry Potter, tanks or monsters. In that moment there’s a collective, imaginative investment in whatever the ridiculous thing is, and no one questions it. I’d like to relive something like that, and I guess there’s a nostalgia for innocence in this’. The Nostalgia Issue features our conversations with Corey Mylchreest, Julien Dossena, Colm Dillane, Joseph Lawrence, David Seth & Kavi Moltz, Andy Baraghani, Francesco Centorame, and Joel Sánchez, as well as exclusive photo shoots lensed by Ben Parks, Cleo Goossens, Mathieu Rainaud, Paul Hempstead, Luca Anzalone, Niall Hodson, Anne Piqué, Mark Shearwood, Arno Frugier, Keith Oshiro, Thomas Cooksey, Jack Johnstone, Eugenio Intini, Ethan Hart, Ludvig Rönn, Matthias Leidinger, Clement Pascal, Lola Banet, Brendan Freeman, Jack Snell, Manuel Obadia-Wills, and Fernando Uceda.




The Greatest is the ultimate free man. The idealist who creates, chases his dreams, and makes himself aware. The aesthete who’s entitled to pick and choose his collection of clothes in his pursuit of Beauty. The independent man of his time who won’t let his time enslave him. The storyteller who documents the history and tells the story of men’s contemporary fashion through words, art, and photography. The dreamer who seeks, explores, and searches out of curiosity, necessity, and nature. Smart, mannerly, and sophisticated. He offers his point of view unapologetically and unpretentiously. The Greatest is nothing but a soul wandering around the world wearing what he feels.

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