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The Greatest magazine - issue 23 - Reading Room


The Greatest / 23


The Imprint Issue


Alongside other creatives, Filippo Scotti, young Italian actor, has given shape to The Greatest #23, reflecting on the concept of ‘imprint’. Discover our interviews with Fernando Lindez, Rhuigi Villaseñor, gIANMARIA, Elmgreen & Dragset and many more on The Greatest #23 – The Imprint Issue.




The Greatest is the ultimate free man. The idealist who creates, chases his dreams, and makes himself aware. The aesthete who’s entitled to pick and choose his collection of clothes in his pursuit of Beauty.


The independent man of his time who won’t let his time enslave him. The storyteller who documents the history and tells the story of men’s contemporary fashion through words, art, and photography. The dreamer who seeks, explores, and searches out of curiosity, necessity, and nature. Smart, mannerly, and sophisticated.


He offers his point of view unapologetically and unpretentiously. The Greatest is nothing but a soul wandering around the world wearing what he feels.

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