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The BitterSweet Review magazine - issue 2 - Reading Room

The BitterSweet Review / 2

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Here it is, Issue 2! This time, we’re exploring the theme of humour.


With prose from Amelia Abraham, Donna Marcus Duke, Jordan/Marin HelL, Kasra Jalilipour, Chris Kraus and Susan Cooper, Laura Lynes, and Michelle Tea; poetry by Biogal, Kim Hyun (tr. Archana Madhavan) and Maz Murray; a conversation between David Hoyle and Amrou Al-Kadhi, as well as interviews with John Booth, Daniel M. Lavery and Bárbara Sánchez-Kane; and art from Dynasty Handbag, Cash Frances, and Francis Whorrall-Campbell, and archival photography by Greer Lankton.





A biannual magazine, available in print and online, and featuring innovative short fiction, poetry, and essays by emerging and established writers. The BitterSweet Review draws on the grand tradition of literary magazines while paying homage to the history of illicit queer publishing.


The BitterSweet Review is a publishing platform dedicated to the advancement of queer literature and visual culture. Initiated in London by a group of international writers, artists and scholars, it was born out of a desire to build community in times of hardship. Its activities include a biannual magazine, artists limited editions and writing workshops.


The BitterSweet Review recognises that the literary world is too often promotes a high-brow, elite and monolithic culture which marginalises queer makers and ideas.


The BitterSweet Review wants to change that. We want to empower a young generation of queer artists and writers to make work that matters to them. We want to engage in meaningful, cross-generational conversations with our peers, regardless of backgrounds and qualifications.

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