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Tempura magazine - issue 13 - Reading Room

Tempura / 13

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At a time when one crisis follows another, when digital passions seem to have replaced carnal love and it's sometimes easier to converse with an AI than with your next-door neighbor, has love become obsolete? Is it a rare commodity at a time when everything is exchanged, exchanged for money and consumed? Virtual love, cuddles on demand, involuntary bachelors... Clichés or harsh reality? Let yourself be seduced by this new issue of Tempura and discover how love is expressed in a country where there's no word for "I love you"...


In this issue:


You'll go behind the screen, into the inner kitchen of Japanese reality shows aimed at finding true love.

Is it still possible to find love after the age of 70?

Find out how emotional relationships in virtual spaces defy gender norms and social shackles.

You'll infiltrate groups of "involuntary singles" who reject normative masculinity.

You'll experience a Japanese date as if you were there...

But also :


Ryoko Sekiguchi inaugurates a new literary and poetic chronicle that dissects Japanese word-cases.

We investigate the underbelly of "parental kidnapping".

Jake Adelstein reveals the inner workings of one of Japan's most controversial publishing houses.

Pianist and composer Keiichiro Shibuya talks to Tempura in an exclusive interview.

In Suttsu, you'll see how residents are fighting nuclear waste.

You'll ride with the new generation of skateboarders on the streets of Tokyo...




Tempura, the first quarterly magazine on Japanese culture and trends.

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