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TANK magazine - issue 96 - Reading Room


TANK / 96


Issue 96 | BUY THIS ISSUE  A LETTER FROM THE EDITOR IN CHIEF: tempering conflabulation. By Masoud Golsorkhi MANIFESTO: 25 years of fashion swerves SEEING RED: baring the sole with Louboutin CINQUE SORELLE: becoming reflective with the five sisters of Rome NICHOLAS DALEY’S WOVEN RHYTHMS: photography by Piczo, styling by Nicholas Daley Gucci Cosmos: photography by Sofia Alazraki A CHANGE OF SEASONS: De Beers for every climate A SENSE OF CRAFT: doing it yourself with Manolo Blahnik A COMMON THREAD: nine designers unravel the influence of Gabrielle Chanel CHANEL BEAUTY: Corinne Bailey Rae on her kaleidoscopic new album. Photography by Marsy Hild, make-up by Kay Montano SUN RA: EMPEROR OF THE IMPOSSIBLE: text by John Corbett, illustration by Carles Garcia O'Dowd MOTHER MARY AND THE IMMACULATE ANGLE. By Honey Crawford AFRO-MINGEI: A conversation between Theaster Gates, Yuko Kikuchi and Hiroki Yamamoto KENTE, MINGEI AND THE ART OF BELIEF: By Paul C. Taylor SOUND ADVICE. By Joseph Zeal-Henry DORCHESTER INDUSTRIES THREE STRIKES: WE IN: An account of the labour movement of the American TV and film industry from 2023-2033. By Terence Nance OF GODS AND MONSTERS: Arthur Jafa interviewed by Theaster Gates GLAZED GLITTER: VESSELS BY THEASTER GATES: By Claudia Rankine GIVENCHY: Benjamin Clementine on art and distance  IN TOKONAME: getting fired up in Theaster Gates’s Japanese studio-workshop. Photography by Yuichiro Noda, styling by Shotaro Yamaguchi PETROL HEAD: pedal to the metal. Photography by Jacq Harriet, styling by Britt Layton Baptista COUVERTURE: meet your biggest fan. Photography by Hubert Crabières, styling by Alicia Padrón HOLEY SPIRITS: ragged saints. Photography by Daniel Clavero, styling by Alicia Padrón. HOUSE OF FUN: cardboard cohabitation. Photography by Xiaopeng Yuan, styling by Liu Xiao. IN MOTION: photography by Guy Bolongaro, styling by Simone Konu-Rae SOLANGE KNOWLES: “I began to think about how much of a sacrifice it is to entertain” GLENN LIGON: “I've always been a bit sceptical about language's ability to communicate” LINDA JOHNSON RICE: ”Black people have values and are to be valued” ISAAC JULIEN: “What is in that archive is going to be our future” LI LIN: “You are always starting from nothing” DARREN WALKER: “I am unapologetically a believer that beautiful things help lift us up” HIROSHI SUGIMOTO: “My idea is to die with a cash balance of zero” ELIZABETH ALEXANDER: “Precision of expression and thought is a very useful tool in the broader work of social justice” HONEY DIJON: “No love is unconditional”.




Tank magazine covers contemporary culture, fashion, art, architecture, technology and politics.

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