TANK Magazine - Issue 87 - Reading Room


TANK / 87


STORIES by Masoud Golsorkhi STYLE STATEMENT by Caroline Issa READING IS LIVING: photography by Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie, styling by Caroline Issa AN ELEMENTAL THEORY OF THE HANDBAG: photography by Pauline Caranton FENDI’S PASTORAL SYMPHONY: photography by Chloe Orefice, styling by Sophia Schwan NICE ICE: photography by Ronni Campana, styling by Riccardo Linarello ALEXANDRA KLEEMAN: photography by Paolo Zerbini, styling by Alessia Vanini, text by Guy Mackinnon-Little OEI # 90-91: Sickle of Syntax & Hammer of Tautology. Concrete and Visual Poetry in Yugoslavia, 1968–1983 Guest-edited by Sezgin Boynik THE BEST OF NEST by Todd Oldham THE EMPLOYEES by Olga Ravn THE DYZGRAPHXST by Canisia Lubrin A WORM CROSSED THE STREET by Nadja Bournonville DOUBLE TRIO by Nathaniel Mackey ROAD TRIP by Marvin Thompson IN MEMORY OF MEMORY by Maria Stepanova ALICE MACKLER by Alice Mackler, Matthew Higgs, Kelly Taxter and Joanne Greenbaum FORTUNE by Amanda Smyth ANGELS AND SAINTS by Eliot Weinberger COLLECTION OF RESEARCH ON CHINESE TYPOGRAPHY by The Type THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY by Andre Bagoo 1—130 by Nour Bishouty VOICES IN THE EVENING by Natalia Ginzburg CONSTRUCTS by Carl Ander SEVASTOPOL by Emilio Fraia THE DECONSTRUCTION OF MY SUNTOPIA by Katsunobu Yaguchi A TALL HISTORY OF SUGAR by Curdella Forbes STILL LIFE by Mario Santanilla YESTERDAY by Juan Emar LOVE AFTER LOVE by Ingrid Persaud BLACK RAIN FALLING by Jacob Ross FAMILY AND BORGHESIA by Natalia Ginzburg THE FREQUENCY OF MAGIC by Anthony Joseph THE DIVORCE by César Aira UNRAVELING by Karen Lord A Shock by Keith Ridgway IN THE NAME OF OUR FAMILIES by Kwame Dawes and John Kinsella CLUBBING 04 – HUBERT edited by Julie Boukobza THE MERMAID OF BLACK CONCH by Monique Roffey IF YOU KEPT A RECORD OF SINS by Andrea Bajani ORDER by Óscar Monzón AUTOMATION AND THE FUTURE OF WORK by Aaron Benanav A PORTABLE PARADISE by Roger Robinson The Trojan Women by Rosanna Bruno and Anne Carson FUTURE ETHICS FREE JAZZ COMMUNISM edited by Sezgin Boynik and Taneli Viitahuhta MONKEY BOY by Francisco Goldman KNIT CLUB by Carolyn Drake THE TAROT OF LEONORA CARRINGTON by Susan Aberth and Tere Arcq FOX: the singular brilliance of Dubravka Ugrešić. By Lisa Appignanesi PANDEMONIUM: Christabel Stewart on Niki de Saint Phalle ALCHEMY OF LIGHT AND SAND: photography by Nicole Heiniger, styling by Paulo Martinez A SUITABLE GIRL: photography by Guen Fiore, styling by Kieran Kilgallon MIXED AND UNMATCHED: photography by Karl Felix, styling by Rudolfs A. Packevics JHUMPA LAHIRI: “When I moved to Rome, I think I was looking for a new language in a more general sense” DOON ARBUS: “The things I really treasure and feel something about, I prefer to partially hide” HANIF ABDURRAQIB: “Anti-Blackness is a global currency so therefore, a struggle for liberation must be global” DAISY LAFARGE: “It gives me hope to imagine that a country sapped by a parasitic elite can exist otherwise” JUDITH SCHALANSKY: “I would love to write nothing but footnotes” EMRE HUNER: “How can you imagine something that doesn’t have any form?” SUNG TIEU: “I don’t want things to connect” ELLA FREARS: “I like flashing a smile from a place of complete vulnerability” ROBERT SKIDELSKY: “We need some new financial repression, but how do you do it?” VALZHYNA MORT: “A singing voice – and a screaming voice – is the furthest we can stand outside of our bodies” MIRROR MIRROR: The Weight of the Moon V by Etel Adnan.




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