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Suq. Unconventional Sicily magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room

Suq. Unconventional Sicily / 6

€ 25,00Prezzo

Mistretta / Desertificazione /

Grotta Monello / Lipari / Saja /

Frazzanò / Slackline / Tarocchi Siciliani




At first sight Suq might just seem like a magazine. In reality, its pages reveal much more.

In fact, Suq is a startup founded in Sicily by a group of creatives and travelers who one day decided to explore the island’s unconventional heritage.

A heritage made of places, people, businesses, arts, and symbols that are currently hidden. A heritage made of everything we can touch, but also of everything we can only feel when we’re in touch with our senses.

Behind its pages, Suq is also a destination brand that seeks to select, highlight, and make available an unknown Sicily that is revealed only to those with the patience to wait.

So only at first sight may Suq seem like a magazine, because it’s actually photography, story, emotion, journey, nostalgia, desire, and beauty, that of a new culture and a new way of seeing and experiencing Sicily. To make sure that Suq is truly everything it can be and that everything still unknown of Sicily is revealed.

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