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Stoà Journal magazine - issue 7 - Reading Room


Stoà / 7


STOÀ 07 [Riferimenti] 


The pedagogy of architectural design, like any other technical -artistic discipline, has allowed for very few universally applicable theoretical notions. Learning-by-doing, instructions, norms or rules never had the same effectiveness as references, which are situated and contextual to a particular way of working or to the result of that work. References form the basis of any learning activity. This interpretation, which is more operational than normative in terms of the use of references, places the act of design and its teaching on an equal footing with other disciplines such as painting, sculpture, literature, music, photography and cinema. All these disciplines are interested in reflecting on their own modes of practice, also by observing the specific approaches of one or more chosen references. Stoà 7 [References] has examined the role of references as methodological teaching tools by collecting accounts of ongoing pedagogical practices and experiences related to various methodologies of research, interpretation and internalisation of knowledge through the comparison with their processes and products. The result is a constellation of cultural positions that make the reference, understood variously as a citation, a standard or a model, a functional tool for learning in the context of the paradigm shifts of the paradigm shifts that reality demands us to confront. 



STOÀ is an Italian magazine, undergoing a process of double-blind peer-review, which questions the methods and processes that determine the educational project for architecture. Journal of the area of architectural design (SC 08/DI) STOÀ tends to combine academic research and teaching practices in order to generate und critical reflection on schools, its protagonists and their methods favoring an intersection between knowledge and other disciplines in order to understand the structures and tools essential to the construction of the educational project. A four-monthly magazine that with its making will build an international network of themes and positions, trying to force the limits to understand contemporary issues on a case-by-case basis, grounding them in issues of discipline.

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