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Stoà Journal magazine - issue 6 - Reading Room


Stoà / 6

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Anno III, 1/3, Inverno 2023


That of the journey, and the consequent cognitive experience, was for a long time a decisive phase of the formation for several generations of architects. The journey was the completion of the learning path: it allowed us to get in touch with different realities, looking for specific aspects not extrapolated from the complexity of their geographical, anthropological, political, social and cultural context. Observing is a methodological fact: the journey is a tool to learn to see the world by acquiring interpretative skills that can be transmitted by teaching to observe, stimulating the reading and interpretation of places and space also through techniques or exercises and criteria of subjective reading inspired by their own vision of the world in the time in which they tend to travel without movement or to understand the journey as a mere matter of consumption. Stoà 6 [Viaggi] explores how the travel tool is structured within the pedagogical dynamics aimed at teaching architectural design and how travel, understood in its broadest sense, is still an indispensable learning tool for the training of the student architect. 



STOÀ is an Italian magazine, undergoing a process of double-blind peer-review, which questions the methods and processes that determine the educational project for architecture. Journal of the area of architectural design (SC 08/DI) STOÀ tends to combine academic research and teaching practices in order to generate und critical reflection on schools, its protagonists and their methods favoring an intersection between knowledge and other disciplines in order to understand the structures and tools essential to the construction of the educational project. A four-monthly magazine that with its making will build an international network of themes and positions, trying to force the limits to understand contemporary issues on a case-by-case basis, grounding them in issues of discipline.

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