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Stoà Journal magazine - issue 5 - Reading Room


Stoà / 5

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Workshop - Anno II, 3/3, Autunno 2022


Over the past few decades, a new pedagogical format has begun to gain saliency in the competitive panorama of university education: the workshop. This peculiar model of learning and teaching is characterized by specific pedagogical missions, often pursued collectively and within a very limited temporal framework. While the university aims at a holistic and gradual educational process, the workshop is concise and discrete. While traditional academic education offers long-time programs to equip students with a broad range of competences and knowledge forms, workshops are condensed and collaborative efforts where the overall inquiry takes precedence over the individual contribution. The agility of the workshop is also reflected in its planning. Flexible pedagogical and economic models can bypass the traditional academic trajectories, developing intense collaborations in a compressed time frame, allowing the intersection of different methods and forms of knowledge while tackling complex issues with unconventional approaches. At the same time the speed of production turns the workshop into an extremely appealing model in terms of communication: creative and attractive proposals achieved in just a few weeks and accompanied with the display of exciting experimental processes, perfectly respond to the social networks’ insatiable craving for images. Stoà 5 [Workshop] aims at providing a synthetic survey of the workshop as an alternative and complementary method of teaching architectural design. A collection of critical accounts and analyses that reflect on the workshop’s potential and organisational mechanisms, constructing a genealogy of this pedagogical practice and understanding its relevance against the fast-changing social and disciplinary challenges of architectural education.




STOÀ is an Italian magazine, undergoing a process of double-blind peer-review, which questions the methods and processes that determine the educational project for architecture. Journal of the area of architectural design (SC 08/DI) STOÀ tends to combine academic research and teaching practices in order to generate und critical reflection on schools, its protagonists and their methods favoring an intersection between knowledge and other disciplines in order to understand the structures and tools essential to the construction of the educational project. A four-monthly magazine that with its making will build an international network of themes and positions, trying to force the limits to understand contemporary issues on a case-by-case basis, grounding them in issues of discipline.

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