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Spacial magazine - issue 2 - Reading Room

Spacial / 2

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Light has the potential to embrace us. To create an atmosphere. Space turns into an experience, into a place you do not want to leave. A chandelier, lamp, site-specific light installation or glass for architecture – these are just a few examples of Lasvit’s long-term experience with creating unique spaces. That is why we decided to share them and inspire others.


Spacial Magazine will guide you through residences, hotels, restaurants and bars around the world. It will present the thinking of renowned designers and architects, for whom light is the foundation of their work and, moreover, it will open the farthest corners of the glass factory in North Bohemia.


Each piece created by Lasvit is touched by a number of hands and is patiently developed for months in advance. Tradition meets contemporaneity and pushes the border of Bohemian glass. On these pages we will present the philosophy of production and reveal an exclusive view, not only on the phenomenon of light, but also on the work and background of designers, who are part of the Lasvit family. Because light is our mission. Spacial Magazine. Where space and light become one.

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