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Somesuch Stories - issue 7 - Reading Room


Somesuch Stories / 7

€ 20,00Prezzo

The BONE Issue is our biggest, thickest & hottest yet!


Packed with fiction, poetry, photography, art and essays – Somesuch Stories #7 invites you to engage with its visceral theme in various haunting, hilarious & heartrending ways.  


Those extraordinary pieces were contributed by these fantastic writers & artists: Jinwoo Chong | Julianknxx | Dior J Stephens | K Patrick | Lydia Garnett | Moïra Fowley | Denisse Ariana Pérez | Rosalind Jana | Vincent Haycock | Jackson Whitefield | Priya Guns | Eli Goldstone | Kaliane Bradley | Sheida Soleimani | Kimberly Campanello | Jessica Andrews | Razelle | Jenkin van Zyl & Brittany Newell. 


Somesuch Stories 7 is officially on sale on October 11th.


Founded by feted film company Somesuch as a space for gripping and inventive storytelling – Somesuch Stories champions unique voices while examining contemporary experiences of culture, nature, sex and society.


Suze Olbrich is the title's Editor. Issue 7 was Art Directed and Designed by Thomas Coombes of Guest Editions. With cover artwork by Lydia Garnett, as excerpted from their series Guns Out, which features in the issue.






Somesuch Stories is an annual print magazine packed with original insight into contemporary experiences of culture, nature, sex, spirituality, and society. It exists to champion unique voices; engender curiosity; enhance our understanding of our fellow humans — and entertain, of course.  

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