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Skateism magazine - issue 9 - Reading Room


Skateism / 9

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It's been five years since Skateism's inaugural issue. In this time, they've witnessed remarkable transformations within the skateboarding community—emergence of collectives, safe spaces, and organizations globally, all striving to create a more inclusive and positive environment for everyone. Notable individuals like Briana King and Nora Vasconcellos have used their influence to foster community and inspire newcomers and future generations in skateboarding. Moreover, organizations such as Skateistan and collectives like UCANSKATE are empowering women in skateboarding. The magazine is deeply inspired by these figures and their impact, as well as by their readers and supporters who motivate them to persist in their mission.




SKATEISM is skateboarding’s DIY & diversity driven platform for journalism, events and activism. Founded in Athens in 2012 as an online magazine, SKATEISM became an internationally distributed printed publication in 2017 with a dedicated network of contributing skateboarders who believe that it is our celebrated differences and dedications that bring us together. In the homogenous industry of skateboarding today, SKATEISM is a platform for the underground and overlooked, the weird and the wonderful.

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