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Sixteen Journal magazine - issue 10 - Reading Room


Sixteen Journal / 10

€ 32,00Prezzo

An entire issue dedicated to Sports.


Contributing Artists:

Walter Iooss Jr., Jack Davison, Robbie Lawrence, Larry Sultan, Bryce Anderson, Bryan Liston, Mark Steinmetz, Andy Harrington, Erinn Springer, Roe Ethridge, Kwabena Sekyi Appiah-nti, Carlos Jaramillo, Bharat Sikka, Silvana Trevale, Fiona Torre, Ward&Kweskin, Gabrielle Marceca, Alexander Picon, Marcus Correa, Victoire Simonney and Ai Kamoshita.




Sixteen Journal is an independent photography online platform and printed publication that investigates notions of the human condition.

A philosophical odyssey of emotionality, human form and time.

Published annually, Sixteen gives a creative platform to emerging and established artists to share their vision outside of the commercial habitat.

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