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SERVICE magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room



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This first issue of SERVICE began quite literally on our doorsteps and reflects our immediate surroundings: the broader Alpine region between Zürich, Vienna, Munich, and Milan. Besides the physicality of the mountains, their hollows and hidden counter-spaces, their tunnels and reduits, the Alps also serve as a realm of imagination, whose threads weave their way through these pages. Each issue is devoted to a certain place, exploring it in various material and associative ways. Steeped in the physical, in both its theme and its making, SERVICE is tactile and revels in its material self-this is a magazine that could only exist in print.


Place and a certain eclectic pop sensitivity come together in contributions that reveal our obsessions, along with our desire to blend the digital age with late twentieth-century print culture. This edition also bears witness to a kind of Orwellian animal revolt, anthropomorphic animals perhaps standing in for the absent stars and celebrities. In this issue's essays, interviews, literary texts, fashion editorials, and artists' contributions, we may discover possible new relationships with our surroundings — or just light entertainment.

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