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Senza Futuro Zine magazine - issue 5 - Reading Room


Senza Futuro Zine / 5

€ 30,00Prezzo

What lies behind the wall? This issue reflects on intense feelings, feeling the urge to scream or succumb. It perceives a powerful presence, symbolic of a hidden force or reality. This draws attention to what is buried or obscured, pushing towards revelation and transparency. The new number alludes to an imminent change, represented by the beginning of a new era, and suggests that disobedience is the key to finding happiness in this transformation. The image described evokes a sense of impending apocalypse and the need to face the hidden truth.




This magazine embodies the ethos of a movement that finds joy in disobedience, seeing it as a path to liberation. It imagines a world where expression is the weapon of choice, aiming to free minds from the constraints of forced creation. The workers' celebration challenges existing industry, advocating destruction to pave the way for a new world. It advocates for the forgotten, the exiled, the neglected and those considered unfashionable, seeking to offer them a platform. The manifesto recognises strength in unity, seeking to attract individuals who may feel marginalised by society. It promises space and time to understand reality and ignite new fires of enlightenment. The movement embraces an insurgent and optimistic spirit, imagining a vibrant, loud and inclusive future that works for the majority: the generation without a predefined future, but ready to reclaim it.

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