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Segnature Magazine - Issue 17 - Reading Room


Segnature / 17

€ 10,00Prezzo

In issue 17th, Luca Contino exhibited his photographs for the first time, and with it reveals his character and aspirations. It is presented by the photographer and publisher Giovanna Silva, who was much inspired by these images.




Segnature is a publishing project by Paola Lenarduzzi for the popularization of art, its protagonists, and its stories. Each publication is born from an encounter, an idea, a vision.

Segnature is a magazine in Italian and English, connecting people in the field (artists, gallerists, collectors, curators) in order to reflect on their identity and activity. At the same time it is the occasion and opportunity to make an object that is itself an artistic artifact.

Each issue of Segnature is a small portable exhibition, a path taken by the artist to gain awareness and communicate his or her work.

Each issue of Segnature is the result of a relationship between the people involved, and is born in an atmosphere of collaboration and planning. Segnature is an open space for experimentation with a focus on editorial rigor, content care, and formal consistency.

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