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SAND magazine - issue 23 - Reading Room


SAND / 23


SAND 23: “Coping”

The prose, poetry, and art of SAND 23 are all about coping – from escapism to rituals, dreams, obsessions and prayers. A poet pines for woolly mammoths, obsolete technology and profiteroles. A girl gang drink graveside Jell-o shots. For one grieving narrator, a pet cat proves more of a menace than a comfort. And on the cover, a brilliant bouquet sprouts from unlikely roots. You can preview selections from the issue here.



Larissa Fantini “Para não dizer que não esculpi as flores I,” 2021



Déborah-Loïs Séry




Based in Berlin, SAND is a nonprofit literary journal published twice a year by a team from the city’s international community. Featuring work by writers, translators, and artists from around the world, SAND seeks out fresh and underrepresented perspectives.

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