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Rouleur magazine - issue 114 - Reading Room


Rouleur / 114


This edition of Rouleur is based around the idea of sustainability. We look at the problems cycling faces, but also at the solutions that some creative, innovative and far-sighted people are coming up with. But we also ask how riders, teams and race followers sustain their own lives in cycling. Cycling is as close to a silver bullet for many of the ills of modern life as you could find and it’s important to promote it, advocate for it and educate people about its benefits. As long as we face up to the challenges posed by the environmental cost the activity and sport still have, cycling can contribute to saving the world.




The Rouleur Journal gathers texts and photographs from the finest cycling journalists and photographers in circulation. We aim to convey the true essence of cycling and road racing, to impart the passion and beauty of cycling. We take you inside the peloton to discover stories, places, and people who have shaped and continue to shape the history of the sport.

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