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Rouleur Italia magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Rouleur / 1


This special issue marks the hundredth edition of Rouleur, initially founded in England in 2006 and now releasing its first Italian-language edition. The magazine has undergone a redesign both in its aesthetics and approach. Moreover, the production process has been revamped. With an expanded editorial team across three countries - England, Italy, and Spain - Rouleur has truly become an internationally acclaimed magazine, featuring stories from the best journalists, photographers, and illustrators in the industry. While we don't want to spoil the pleasure of discovering the magazine's content, we can't resist giving you a sneak peek, including Marcel Kittel's contribution, an article on the 100 memorable moments in a century of cycling, and an interview with Ernesto Colnago.




The Rouleur Journal gathers texts and photographs from the finest cycling journalists and photographers in circulation. We aim to convey the true essence of cycling and road racing, to impart the passion and beauty of cycling. We take you inside the peloton to discover stories, places, and people who have shaped and continue to shape the history of the sport.

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