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Profane magazine - issue 16 - Reading Room


Profane / 16

€ 16,00Prezzo

Spring/Summer 2023


This is our sixteenth issue. A number which, although modest, is less so for an independent publication that only benefits from sharing amateur passions, highlighting other ways of doing things, and embracing fantasy in today's world. One can well imagine the previous fifteen issues greeting the newcomer, welcoming it by their side, celebrating it with three high-fives for the occasion. But this time, Profane wished to take all its editions out of their paper reserve and give them a new dimension in space, as part of an exhibition running from 1st to 7th June.


Sixteen issues are well worth a small victory lap, a mini summer retrospective! The idea is above all to get to know the magazine, its actors, and its explorations from a different angle. "Who are you Profane?" This question, raised by the curator, and independent art consultant Lucas Diaou, is being answered at 11, rue Béranger, Paris 3rd arrondissement, in the former premises of the newspaper Libration. And, at the invitation of Wise Women, a collective of women in culture and creation, a portrait of Profane takes shape, with productions and collections selected from those published over the past eight years. We want to show them differently, to open up the circle to a greater number of people, to multiply encounters and prospects, because the future of the magazine also depends on the desire it arouses and revives. In this spirit, other events are on the horizon to take the publications to another level and heighten awareness. To be continued!


Carine Soyer




Every semester, the magazine Profane proposes a new issue gathering about twenty varied subjects around the artistic domains. Famous journalists, writers, photographers and illustrators contribute to this magazine and offer powerful content about the world of art and its many forms.

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