Profane Magazine - Issue 11 - Reading Room


Profane / 11


For this n°11, the need to unify, to gather around a shared project, is perhaps even more vital today, as the word “isolation” is relentlessly hammered home.What can we do when it is no longer possible to be together?One avenue may be to surround ourselves: with images, imaginaries, stories, visions, in the absence of people.To surround ourselves for instance, why not, with cement sculptures, antiques, miniature perfume bottles, palas and pelotas, cuttings, Japanese monsters, stoneware preserve jars...To cope this way, by embracing the living, the dreams, the inanimate, the past, the fantasy, in the deliberate multitude that represents man.


Every semester, the magazine Profane proposes a new issue gathering about twenty varied subjects around the artistic domains. Famous journalists, writers, photographers and illustrators contribute to this magazine and offer powerful content about the world of art and its many forms.