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Plates Magazine - Issue 3 - Reading Room


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Plates, Vol.3: WATER


In this ‘Water’ issue, we are guided towards geopolitical themes — a school by the sea — where its students are recognised by no nation; a story of resilience and hope, and a group of millennials doing what their foregenerations told them not to–to talk to strangers, and to share one’s privilege.


This issue also explores the spiritual importance of water in Bidayuh culture as well as documented by cultural anthropologist and visual artist, Kendy Mitot. Meanwhile, resident drinks contributor, Ashwin Retnakumar distils the term ‘Water of Life’ and its ever present role in the production of alcohol. New to the Plates family, indigenous rights advocacy trainer and Bertha Fellow, Puah Sze Ning, brings her observations from the field of nearly two decades, to untap the meaning of water for indigenous communities across Malaysia in a photo essay, where too much or too little can literally mean life or death.


Despite seemingly dark feature titles, this Water issue is not all doom and gloom, but one of hope and possibility. It is an invitation to reflect on our existing preconceptions and relationships with the overlooked resource. 


Also in this issue: Under the many labels of water (spring, alkaline, and more); cocktail recipes; and more … 




Plates is a new independent food and culture magazine that explores stories from the field, one plate at a time.

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