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Plastik / 36


Plastik / 36

€ 20,10Prezzo

fall 2024


andrés reisinger

daniel asater

fifi abdou

lou escobar

mike willcox

mous lamrabat

myriam boulos

pamela mansour

samo shalabi

sarah bahbah

tony kelly

victor nouman



Plastik is the brainchild of Eli Rezkallah, a new york based fine art photographer, director & visual artist whose work has been exhibited across 3 continents. Ambitious and eager to build his unique vision, Rezkallah launched Plastik magazine in Lebanon at the age of 22. From its debut, Plastik quickly became an anthem for a lost generation of dreamers around the world, and, soon enough, a global phenomenon recognized by the likes of rupaul charles, paris hilton, and miley cyrus.

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