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Pit Magazine - Issue 9 - Reading Room


Pit / 9


Guest edited by Burmese food writer and host of The MSG Pod, MiMi Aye, Issue 09 is a rollercoaster ride through the history and uses of one of the world’s most mysterious seasonings.


Cheryl Chow explains why the history of MSG is tainted with racism, there’s a lesson on exactly what the heck it is from Prof Barry Smith of The University of London, and an experiment to find out whether or not food can ever be ‘too umami’ from restaurateur and author Tim Anderson.


Our columnist Big Has reveals the secrets of Turkish kebab shop bread, Phoebe Amoroso looks at the Japanese potato salad that can make or break a restaurant’s reputation and we have lots of fun with some incredible recipes, including wet thar mekin – Burmese flame-grilled pork. Plus much more!




Pit – The independent magazine about food and fire. Pit is a magazine about live fire cooking. We celebrate barbecue cooking, all around the world.

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