PIN-UP Magazine - Issue 29 - Reading Room


PIN-UP / 29


Viva la revolución! On the cover: Photography by Deniz Celtek and Niklas Bildstein Zaar for sub. Inside: activist graphic language selections from Jerome Harris; Paola Antonelli on revolutionary new materials; David Fortin on decolonizing design; Philippe Malouin’s bold new design moves; BIPOC Studios classifieds by Dong-Ping Wong; Gregory Ketant on Quantum Architecture; a tribute to the late great legend Nanda Vigo; the urban interventions of Hong Kong protesters; and Camille Okhio on the curse of Versailles.


Also in the issue:


This Chinese architect is starting a rural revolution through architectural acupuncture

Interview by Beatrice Galilee

Portraits by Rujie Wang



The L.A.-based artist gives history a hard read by radically recasting the past

Interview by Mahfuz Sultan and Chloe Wayne



The controversial award-winning British architect is taking material efficiency to new load-bearing heights

Interview by Andrew Ayers

Portraits by Harry Mitchell



Andrea Faraguna and Niklas Bildstein Zaar discuss the symbols and desires they hold close.

Portfolio by sub

Interview by Jordan Richman



The Italian provocateur designs museums and exhibitions that preserve the past while empowering the future

Interview by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Portraits by Josep Fonti


Also in the issue: Ted Barrow sorts through the vestiges of Trump aesthetics; Drew Zeiba on the 5G revolution; the history of the Guy Fawkes mask; accessibility hot spots from gender neutral bathrooms to hostile architecture; Akeem Smith’s dance-hall architecture; Alice Bucknell’s speculative E-Z Kryptobuild; prison abolition and design ethics with Raphael Sperry; Rafik Greiss photographs Issey Miyake textiles; an interview with design oracle Piero Gandini; Supreme’s objets d’art; Jerome Byron on quarantine renovations; the architecture of common ground; a book on the history of architecture and the Algerian revolution; an interview with Maite Borjabad on design futures; and so much more.


PLUS: Reconstructions, a 16-page special on architecture and Blackness in America, photographed by David Hartt. Featuring V. Mitch McEwen, Felecia Davis, Olalekan Jeyifous, J. Yolande Daniels, Sekou Cooke, Mario Gooden, Germane Barnes, Walter Hood, Amanda Williams, and Emanuel Admassu.


The only biannual Magazine for Architectural Entertainment. PIN-UP is interviewing architects, designers, and artists, and presenting work as an informal work in progress, a fun assembly of ideas, stories and conversations paired with cutting-edge photography and artwork.