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Period magazine - issue 9 - Reading Room


Period / 9




In this issue, 12 women photographers and writers offer their view on the theme Road Trip.


“It is about more than just hitting the open road. It's about exploring the world and our place in it, whether we're in a car, on foot, or lost in our own thoughts. Each contributor brings their own perspective and interpretation to the theme.”


This issue features Cecily Grant, Clare Shilland, Elin Unnes, Elise Toïdé, Elsa Hammarén, Justine Kurland, Kate Monro, Lynette Garland, Nina Andersson Voigt, Lena Modigh, Julia zu Knyphausen and Maria zu Knyphausen, and is accompanied by a spotify playlist curated by the contributors.




“Period.’s contemporary approach to themes and art gives the publication an exciting outlook. A variety of contributors helps the zine to capture many perspectives and forms of artistic expressions. Period. is going strong with the sixth issue, Music & Memory, out now. In the Internet era where everything is published online, print needs attention more than ever. In the interview, Lena talks about her approach to picture-taking, collaborating and inspiring women.”

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