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Perfect magazine - issue 3 - Reading Room


Perfect / 3

€ 55,00Prezzo

For this issue we decided to celebrate the achievements of the most outstanding figures in culture, spanning from fashion, TV and music, to art, politics and design in our first ever annual awards which we are calling #PerfectCelebration.




Our first issue will be hardbacked and square format, working with Britain’s finest hand-printer using a variety of beautiful papers and finishes. Our contributors range from the world’s biggest fashion names to diverse emerging talents in the art of image-making. We offer an equal platform to all, enabling them to best express their widespread visions. 

Each issue of Perfect˙ will be unique and take a different format, a desirable object in its own right – a tactile, sensuous product showcasing beautiful content, editorial and advertising in the most elevated way. Perfect˙ Issue Zero will debut in March 2021 as a hardback edition distributed globally through specialist independent stores, fashion retailers, museums, galleries and bookshops.

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