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Parola magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Parola / 1

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MUSEUM, the first issue of PAROLA, collects the words of museum directors, professionals, workers, “aficionados” and exponents of the world of culture, architecture, design, united by their experience with and within the MUSEUM.


The museum is perhaps the institution that can best tell the story of what is happening to us, imprisoned as we are in the dimensions of storytelling, of appearances, of the “display cabinet” in which subjects and objects are constantly switching places. 


We mixed everything: the experience of internationally renowned curators with the words of museum guides, the opinions of museum directors with the vision of exhibition designers and technicians. Tokyo, New York, Marrakesh, Rome, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Basel, New Delhi, Turin, Patagonia: where they were was not relevant.

What mattered was that they were willing to engage in our special modus operandi. We tried to specifically experiment with the possibilities of salvation for today’s cross disciplinary rhetoric: it is no longer the bearers of ideas that count, but the forms of these ideas, the innovative media between fashion and art, literature and design, graphics, and photography with which we manage to provide them.




PAROLA magazine is an editorial project that investigates the contemporary through a different approach, a universal dialogue free of individualism, a contribution of words, images and events that flows from the singular experience into the universal one. Each issue is dedicated to a specific theme and includes interviews and visual content assembled together in a single flow, like a DJ set of images and words mixed by the editorial staff. Through words of words, chosen for each number, PAROLA tries to give a new contemporary meaning to words coming from a common language, by breaking down and reassembling the interviews and collecting them in a single stream.

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