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PALAIS magazine - issue 36 - Reading Room




Issue 36 of P L S explores the multiplicity, hybridity and fluidity of identities and ways of loving, the plurality and complexity of our affects and our sexualities. There may be no boundaries to the different ways in which we experience and understand our feelings. With this in mind, this issue is conceived as a reader of sensibilities, where the complicity and contagion between the work of the artists and authors is just as important as their respective contributions.

Telling these intimate stories, in the reciprocity of concern for the other, means reconsidering voices and narratives that are all too often neglected by conventional discourses on love. Short, incisive textual and visual contributions spread unstable and deviant perspectives, like herbariums of fantasies at the edge of our particular beings. In their own way, they resolutely and joyfully subvert the limits of hegemony to come to flower on the foundations of elusive, subjective and political affinities.