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Overseas magazine - issue 1 - Reading Room


Overseas / 1


Issue 01


It all started with the waves. The waves of desire, the waves of passion. Overseas is a journey inspired by a challenge, a vision, a will: to tell the story of basketball from perspectives different from the canonical North American narrative.


Foreword by Boris Diaw


Get lost in the Spanish inland, discover the special relationship that Parisians nurture with two  playgrounds, pay homage to the Arab hoop tradition in Kuwait City, join us on a pilgrimage along the Italian Adriatic coast, contribute to the underground evolution of Danish basketball and investigate the role of politics in the eternal rivalry of Belgrade.


There is a lot to unfold in our inaugural issue dedicated to a woman, a baller, a social and cultural role model: Awak Kuier.      




Overseas is a premium editorial publication aiming to document the influence of basketball on different identities and cultures across Europe, and beyond. We travel to celebrate unusual destinations and we connect with people to share new perspectives. Every story we narrate manifests an undisputed curiosity for the Game and the culture that deeply surrounds it.


Each of our focuses starts from the assumption that the Game is not limited to the court. Overseas basketball is a platform to discover societies, people, ideas. It’s a poem to be praised in the most disparate languages, it’s a historical, political and emotional wave to be deeply investigated.

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